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   Losing part of her arm from a suicide bomber while deployed; this woman is leveling up pain the only way possible... INTO HER OWN POWER PRINCIPLE!
Lakeia Stokes is from Covington, Georgia, and graduated from Newton High School, where she still holds the scoring record. She received a 4-year athletic scholarship to the University of Clemson. She became the first player in the school’s history to lead the
team in scoring, rebounding, steals, and assists in a single season.
Lakeia later joined the United States Army, where she served as a Human Resource Specialist. After serving only four years, Lakeia was medically retired from the Army after being injured by a suicide bomber while deployed in Bagram, Afghanistan. Lakeia was pinned the Purple Heart award by President Barack Obama while recovering from her
Lakeia is the Owner/Founder of the brand Pain into Power. I created the brand Pain into Power so that when you wear the apparel, you can look down and remember that you turned your pain into power! Having the strength and perseverance to continue to keep going after life throws you so many curve balls is extraordinary and something to be proud of! So, when you’re rocking the Pain into Power apparel, wear it with pride because you’re triumphant! Lakeia also speaks to different organizations to share her story of how she triumph over tragedy and remains resilient to help inspire others
worldwide to turn their pain into their power.
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