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Each day, we are required to make thousands of choices - from what to eat, what to wear, and what to buy. By trimming some of those decisions into manageable, repeatable routines, we can save time and energy to do things that mean to us. Read on to learn more about the influence of routines and how they can help you be more productive and less stressed.
What Is a Routine?
A routine is any actions that are recurred, habitually, and without much attention. Routines come in various dimensions. They can be as small and simple as the need to shift on and open your laptop or as large and complicated as the daily calendar that puts you and your family filled, cleaned, dressed, and attending your work, school, and recreation activities.
To some of us, our days started up of different routines, sewed altogether. We started our day with a routine upon waking up in the morning. We have a routine when we go to work, a routine we do when we go to the office, a routine at the gym, etc.
Examples of Routines That Work
Many successful and creative people have harnessed the power of routine to get their work done.
Early to Bed, Early to rising, Early to Create a Bestseller.
While many writers disdain the tyranny of "office jobs", some of the most successful writers in the world maintain stricter schedules than most bosses would ever hold them to. For example, Japanese writer Haruki Murakami gets up at 4 am every day and writes for five or six hours. In the afternoon, he runs, swims, or both then reads and listens to music. He then goes to sleep every day at 9 pm. Murakami maintains this schedule for six months to a year while he is working on each book.
Even more disciplined than Murakami is American novelist Danielle Steele, who has written 179 books and counting. Steele is at her typewriter every day by 8:30 am, nibbling on the same breakfast each day: toast and a decaf iced coffee. She keeps typing for hours, claiming to work as much as 24 hours straight when the words are flowing. Note that while this particular schedule may work well for Steele, sleep experts recommend that adults get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night to be as healthy and productive as possible.
Boring Outfits, Creative Minds
While many creative professionals and entrepreneurs take wild risks in their work, they trust in a routine to relieve stress and free up mental space for more critical decisions in their personal lives. Choosing a daily uniform is one common way that creative people limit the decisions they have to make each day.
We mentioned Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, famous for his limited wardrobe of grey t-shirt, jeans, and a hoodie. While he has been seen in a suit on rare occasions, he mostly sticks to his uniform. He claims that by always wearing the same thing, he reduces the number of decisions he has to make in a day to focus on more important matters.

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