Page 30 - March 2021 Hustle Mama Magazine
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 Now, put your hand over your heart as you are speaking to yourself from there. Acknowledge that you see that your personality is fake.
You may feel lighter, clear mind and strength. You may also feel more robust and more powerful inside. Those emotions are the real, positive attributes of your true individuality. There is no need for change. Why? If it is not necessary, you keep it; it is your real you.
People will love it. The most important is that you will adore and love it too. Please do it now or leave it and give up your life. I believe that you a warrior, and you seek the truth. Self-growth is not about seeking validation and approval. You don't have to pretend somebody else nor be pleasing to others. It isn't also about traditions, religion, and rules.
In other words, you live in a world of illusions and toxic standards. They don't define who you are, but you want to fulfill the expectations of others. Those rules are not precise because they are agreements you agreed to. Individual existence and perception might be different from your neighbor, friend, or another citizen.
So, you want to take a challenge and face the truth. It is not an egotistical way of living. It is something special. You can live to feel your genuine positive emotions, happiness, and real freedom. Yes, it sounds a bit romantic these days. If you want to achieve complete emotional freedom, it is a long way to achieving it by us, humans.
You and your ancestors experienced many bad things in the past. Your mind inherited it as post- generation trauma. It is a thick, complex, hidden problem in the subconscious mind. It still affects your present life and destroys individuality. I am sure you want to stay grounded. Just think about the present moment.
If you want to achieve that, you must start somewhere. Do one little, simple step at a time. If you are honest with yourself, you will feel your pain and broken heart and soul. It is the only experience; you keep remembering all the time until you resolve it.
And boom! You can uncover your true potential, real emotions, and a soul you always wanted to discover.

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