Page 29 - March 2021 Hustle Mama Magazine
P. 29

True Self
Obey as you always needed to act. I don't know if your real You is still active now. You got involved in the life of lies. Liar personality lives in every person in the world.
It is a fake illusionary ball imprinted on the soul. You can reach the pure, advanced, attractive attributes of your soul. But perfectionism exists somewhere deep down underneath your fake persona.
In other words, you can be yourself. You will do that only if you get out of your conditioned beliefs and negative feelings.
For example, you are born in Africa, and your skin color matters less in white skin countries. You can also suffer from stigma if you are ill on rare disease. You experience worthiness and inequality to other humans.
Or you may not look the same as the rest of humanity. It would be different if your strange look would be the norm. Then other people would be weird and outcasts, not you.
Do you see those negative emotions those people experience? Sadness, isolation, inadequacy, disappointment, or low self- esteem drain those people to the grave. It is like a roller coaster where you forget about your real authentic soul. If your get rids of your negativity, how would you feel about yourself? Just think about it for a minute.

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