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 How to Decide When It's the Right Time to Set Up a Teleseminar
 When should you set up a teleseminar?
Teleseminars are a great learning content product. They can be sold as they are. They can be used to do your selling. They can be packaged and sold as CD or MP3 products. They are flexible. They are well received. And they are one of the more comfortable products to create.
Cool. Every advice guru, learning content producer, and information marketer should be creating teleseminars.
But when is the right time to set up a teleseminar? And how do I decide?
First of all, let's clarify a few terms. Teleseminar refers to delivering learning content over a telephone conference call system. In today's world, that system could be a traditional telephone service, a digital service, or a web collaboration service. The critical thing that is important to understand is that there are three types of teleseminars. Sales teleseminars are arranged to sell another product. The second type is the true teleseminar. These are products in their own right. The third type is a conference call. It's used to present coaching information.
Each of these types has a different answer.
One of the concepts that I am a great proponent of is planning your product line before you start. It would be best if you planned a full product line upfront. Doing so will allow you to maximize your sales, create the content you need without overwork and have a real target to work towards.
As a product, teleseminars are a mid-range value product typically (though not exclusively) selling around the $97 range (plus or minus one or two steps). Depending on the strategy you select, you would therefore need to have at least one teleseminar-based product available within ten days of your product launch, just slightly after your low-cost product and well after your opt-in or free product.
Additional product teleseminars can be created as the need and opportunity are identified. During your planning, you should probably schedule one every month or so. This will allow you to build up a catalog of mid-range products.
Sales teleseminars are usually used to promote high- end products such as coaching. Why? Because you're giving away a great deal of value in the teleseminar. During planning, you should arrange your first sales teleseminar preparation to be part of the high-end product launch.
However, sales teleseminars are part of your marketing effort. As such, they tend to be driven by demand and the needs of your business. You also need to consider your ability to drive traffic to them at any point in time.
Coaching seminars are a mix of preplanned and spur of the moment. Your first coaching teleseminar should be preplanned. It needs to be available when the coaching program is launched. Subsequent teleseminars can be written during the period before they being needed. If your coaching is a micro- continuity style, then you'll only need a set number of teleseminars. Once you've finished one cycle, you only need to modify the teleseminar on an as-needed basis. If your coaching is an open-ended style, you will need to prepare teleseminars for every call.

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