Page 26 - March 2021 Hustle Mama Magazine
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Fuel the body
Good food habits such as eating a small breakfast before morning class will stimulate the mind and improve concentration levels allowing you to focus well on the day ahead. Combining this with eating the right foods and having a correct nutritional content balance will increase your energy levels. Full-time training does take its toll on the muscles, joints, and bones. An excellent dietary diet plays an essential part in the recovery of stress and strain. It is important to eat and hydrate within 40 minutes after exercise to assist with the growth of lean muscle, Muscle repair, soft tissue repair, soreness prevention, and the ability to bounce back for classes or rehearsals the next day. Establishing an excellent nutritional balanced diet supports a long and lasting healthy career.
This enables the body time to regenerate muscles in-between classes or rehearsals. By decreasing, fatigue will reduce the chance of injury. Continuous training without sufficient rest will harm both dancers' general health and their level of performance. A good night's sleep is vital if we expect our bodies to produce the following day's highest standards.

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