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  It is essential to realize that most couples who have decided to divorce consider it a point of no return. However, the future uncertainty, especially if the family home has to be sold or financial luck, can sometimes create a lot of concern and anxiety, leading one or the couple to question if the divorce is such a good idea.
That is why some couples may agree to divorce mediation when their partner asks for it, thinking deeply that if they agree with the other spouse on every point, they will re-establish the connection, peace, and trust. They may be able to make the marriage back together. While a family medium may offer marital mediation and settlement assistance to help couples find resolutions to specific marital issues, it's necessary to realize that divorce mediation per se is not identical to marriage counseling.
When you choose a divorce mediator, you demand help to get divorced most amicably and least painstakingly possible, not help keep your marriage. If reconciliation is your last goal, then marriage counseling with a therapist or reconciliation services with a qualified divorce mediator is a more suitable option.
Divorce mediation can still take a lot for a couple's relationship post-divorce. By acting as a facilitator rather than a mediator or a judge during the divorce process, the mediator guarantees that both spouses' benefits and interests are defended. Also, by not choosing sides, he/she helps them determine what's best and concentrate on a peaceful and conflict-free life after divorce, rather than live on past disagreements and anger.
Finally, an expert divorce mediator has gone into a lot of practice so that he/she can give separating spouses helpful advice to enhance their communication style and their problem- solving skills.
Building a new, more effective communication channel and supporting the preservation of this healthy communication after divorce will benefit ex-spouses when the need comes to solve more difficulties down the road, quickly and civilly, mainly if children are included.

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