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 Dr. Eloise M. Fulton-Taylor asks women to re-examine the truths of how they are portrayed in society
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Dr. Eloise M. Fulton-Taylor aims to expose patriarchy as the root of problems between women (and girls), encouraging women and girls to change this narrative and create a true sisterhood in her new relationship guidebook, “The Lies We Were Told: From
  Foehood to (published Publishing).
Serving as a
Sisterhood” Archway
 conversation starter,
a conflict revealer,
a thought provoker
and a mind changer, “The Lies We Were Told” challenges anyone who reads it to see that disharmony among women and girls happens so often and easily.
Fulton-Taylor argues that if pioneering female leaders want to continue to transform society, they must be willing to agree on the concept that women should respect and treat others nicely because they share similar experiences and circumstances regardless of their friendship.
“It offers insight into the subtle trappings of competitive rivalry, insecurity, beauty standards and comparisons often exhibited between us that causes certain adverse behaviors among us on all of society’s playgrounds: Businesses; Schools; Churches; Civic Organizations; Political arenas, entertainment industries and Church environments,” Fulton Taylor says of her book, adding, “It also shows the realities of the outcomes in society if not dealt with immediately.”
Key Notes/Speaking Topics:
The negative effects competitive rivalry places on society’s playgrounds Unleashing the benefits of aggregate Sisterhood-global problem/global challenge
Developing and Cultivating lasting positive self-images
Revealing The Ugly Truth-The historical origin of how Patriarchy created opposition among women and girls
Unity of the Sisters!- The Crucial Stance
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